The other day I created a 3D printed NJ Christmas ornament. It was really easy to do, so I figured why not share the knowledge.

New Jersey Christmas ornament

Step 1: Find or create an SVG file of the shape you want.

I found a site that has vector maps of the states and I was able to get a map of New Jersey as an Illustrator file. Then I stripped out un-needed layers like the scale and name of the state. Once ready, I exported the map as an SVG (using all the default settings).

SVG illustration of NJ that model was based-on

Step 2: Import the file into Tinkercad

TinkerCad import menu

Step 3: Adjust the model to your liking

I made the map smaller since the imported version turned out to be gigantic. Then I used a cylinder in "hole" mode to make an opening for string to go through.

You can check out my model here:

Step 4: Export the file for 3D printing

I pulled the exported model into MakerWare... converted it to an .x3g for printing and... 20 minutes later I was done!