GoDaddy Supports jQuery!

I was looking up details about a DotEasy, a web host used for a site I maintain, and found some humorous “features“. Wow! Dreamweaver compatible, so the server actually supports text files?! Oh and Flash support, that’s good to know I’m investing my money wisely.

It’s interesting how DotEasy isn’t the only culprit of throwing random buzzwords into their comparison charts. GoDaddy also incoherently lists out some interesting javascript specs:

I would like to see a plan that can’t support jQuery. Perhaps if the disk space on the server is less than 100kb. And what annoys me about having listed is that you can’t even use it without Prototype, so why not list that too? I’m sure the comparison charts will soon be littered with “HTML5 support”. Happy Friday!

  • Iouri Goussev

    Would have been better is they supported CouchDB or something like it.